Smoking and your environment If you’re an ex-smoker, you will have your own story to tell about how easy or difficult it was to give up. Since we’re all different from each other, some ex-smokers will have found the process reasonably painless, while for others it can often amount to one of the biggest challenges undertaken in life.

For a lot of people who have given up, or are currently in the process of quitting, environment undoubtedly plays a part. In a world where you can’t smoke at your desk in the office, on public transport, in shops, or in restaurants, then to an extent the path to non-smoking is eased. This is because it puts us regularly in situations where it simply can’t be done.  And that is an important factor in smoking cessation, since it helps reinforce a non-smoking habit, even if it’s only for parts of the day.

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Smoking and price of tobacco products Globally, price is undoubtedly a factor in the prevalence of smoking. In the UK, with the price of cigarettes now at around 8.5 Euro, it’s perhaps of little surprise that the rates of smoking are in decline.

And in the UK smoking rates have been in decline for decades, as the price has risen. If prices were to suddenly drop to, say, a Euro and a half – which is approximately the cost of 20 cigarettes in Kuwait and also parts of China and India – it’s likely that there would be more people lighting up. Or at the very least, those who currently do light up doing so more often.

But regardless of the price, restrictions on places people can smoke are a powerful reducer of the amount of smoking people can do. Smoking bans with many countries now introducing smoking bans – even some which previously had virtually no restrictions – it’s likely that we will continue to see a global health benefit as a result. The future of smoking bans is undoubtedly that they are here to stay.

But will we see further restrictions imposed over time? The first signs of this happening have already appeared, namely with smoking restrictions placed in outside areas. In some places smoking is prohibited within a specified proximity to the entrance of a public building.

The health benefits of not smoking The reasons for not smoking are many – and include reduced risk of various cancers, and also lowered risk of heart disease. As well as improved general health. So if you’re considering giving up, now is the time to give smoking cessation a go.