Altering the appearance of misaligned teeth is a big decision and one many steer clear of, and not because they don’t dream of the perfect smile. It’s often to do with visions of heavy metal braces, expensive bills, longwinded dental work and a great deal of pain. However, today’s dental treatments are a great deal more advanced than they once were and achieving the perfect smile is a lot easier than you may think. You may even want to consider having such a treatment abroad. This will not only cut costs, it will also allow you to experience the sights and sounds of another country at the same time – see Hotel Dent for more details.

Arrange a consultation Prior to deciding on anything, it’s important to arrange a consultation with your dentist. These may be free of charge and will allow you to discuss the many options available to you. You’ll also be able to obtain an X-Ray which will determine whether your teeth and roots are suitable for such a procedure.

Tie-less braces Tie-less braces are a great option for those that wish to opt for a gentle method. Such an option doesn’t require adjustment, which makes it extremely gentle on both the teeth and tissues. Today’s high-tech, memory-shape wires are able to produce quicker results in a shorter time which means fewer appointments too.

Five Ways to Achieve the Perfect Smile

Self-esteem Having a beautiful smile can make all the difference to your confidence and instead of shying away from the camera, you’ll be happy to be the Centre of attention. More importantly, such treatments can also benefit your overall oral health and treatments are suited to almost every individual. Envisaging the last thing you want is a set of heavy metal braces, then Envisaging may be more suited to your needs. Instead of braces that are fixed in place, this particular method uses transparent teeth aligners.

Once on, most won’t notice that you are wearing anything at all. You must however remember to take them out when eating and drinking, which can be a slight nuisance – although it is a small price to pay for the end results. Be patient If it’s long-lasting results you’re after, then you must be patient. Perfecting misaligned teeth will take time and this is something all patients must come to terms with. You could wait between 6 and 18 months to see results but once the wait is over, the final product should last a lifetime!