Also recognized as Anapolon or Oxymetholone, Anadrol 50mg is the most effectual and well-known anabolic steroid available on the market. This medication is viewed as unlawful in many nations and there you can’t buy it legally minus a valid prescription. This is a fast-acting drug and users begin enjoying its benefits from the first week itself. This medication is hugely effective for building lean mass and it is popular with both the beginners as well as progressive steroid users. With its use, a user ably gains 20-30 pounds in the very first cycle. This medication has low binding features which make it excellent for stacking with compounds like Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Deca-Durabolin.

This medication can be utilized in the cutting cycles when it is stacked with Anavar. It also improves the users’ hunger and red blood cell count. This medication is hugely effectual for augmenting nitrogen retention and it results in improved protein synthesis. When combined with a good post-cycle therapy, this medication results in weight gain and rapid mass. Users also take it for lessening joint pains experienced during exercising. Some people wonder, “que precio tiene el anadrole 50mg?” Actually, this medication is commonly found in the strength of 50mg capsules and coincidentally, this is the dosage that numerous bodybuilders take in their cycles.

Purchasing Anadrol 50mg

Positive reviews of this medication

The 50mg cycle of this medication is vital for the users who take this compound. However, a user should limit him to the suggested cycle only as overdosing or taking it for an extended period of time can cause negative side effects. A beginner who is beginning to take this medication should stack it with one extra testosterone booster. This process gives the muscles a chance to increase in size. However, the usual beginning cycle is considered 12 weeks though the users can also implement this compound for a period of 6 weeks only.

Buying and cost of this compound

You have a couple of ways when you decide to buy this medication in the strength of 50mg. The first option is to achieve it through a valid prescription and the second option is to purchase it via an online retailer as you aren’t required to have a prescription when you are buying it from the internet. You have no chance of getting it prescribed by a physician unless you suffer from a shortage of red blood cells. Because of this reason, you have to buy it online. However, there are available many steroid manufacturers who sell this medication but only some amongst them sell the top-quality product.

For getting a genuine product, you can go through various online bodybuilding forums as here various users share their feedback. There are numerous users who keep asking this question, “Quepreciotiene el anadrole 50mg?” so they must know that the cost of this medication does vary based on the place of buying and the shipping cost. Commonly, the tablets are priced from $150-$200/100 tablets. A user who takes 100mg daily, for them it is one 50-day supply. This medication is a bit expensive compared to other steroids but its potency is unmatched for the purpose of bulking up.