There are many nootropics out there today, but modafinil stands a head taller than all of them. Modafinil nootropic is a magic drug to say the fact; it is a smart drug in a league of its own. It can boost memory and elevate mood without causing any side effect.  It can make you smart and help you to solve complex problems without much ado. If you want to have an edge in your industry or you want record progress in your personal and professional life, then you should opt for modafinil and it will make that highly desired impact in your life like none other.  What is more, the product is highly affordable and there is a 100% assurance that you will get great value for your money.

While many related products can be bought over the counter, it is not advisable to buy modafinil over the counter; you should rather go through your doctor so that you can use it in line with doctor’s prescription.

way to treat narcolepsy

Adrafinil vs modafinil

If we go for adrafinil vs modafinil, both modafinil and adrafinil come from the same family of drugs. They are designed in a unique way to treat narcolepsy. They can also improve your mental and physical performances at school or work.  We will compare the two drugs below

  • Modafinil: This is a prescribed drug and can promote wakefulness and help you to focus better than ever. The drug can treat narcolepsy and can also treat conditions like ADHD in adults. It is equally reliable for treating fatigue caused by cancer. It can improve your ability to learn and can equally boost your memory.
  • Adrafinil: It is similar to modafinil in that the two of them are prescription drugs. They are also both used in treating narcolepsy.  The two drugs have proven to be reliable in improving your ability to focus and alertness.  The unique fact about adrafinil is that it is derived essentially from modafinil.  It can also be metabolized in the liver.  Another unique feature of adrafinil is that it is lighter than modafinil. Its recommended dose is between 200 and 400 mg per day, depending on the age, gender, physiological condition and health status of the affected individual. Despite the beautiful things written about this product already, it can promote hepatotoxicity and it is not as effective as modafinil.

From the points mentioned above, it is clear that modafinil nootropic is the better choice of the two. Be that as it may, you must always consult your doctor and use the drugs in line with prescription.