There are specialized forms of medications available which are chemical compounds consisting of three specific fused benzene rings that are combined together and are arranged in a specialized way. They are scientifically called as steroid and they are often taken for therapeutic and androgenic purposes. They are also called as anabolic medicine in the field of bodybuilding. Other medicines include testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, estrogen, cortisol, and progesterone. These medicines perform different functions on the human body. They are also known to produce anabolism and controls masculine features of the body. Anabolic forms are the synthetic form of medicine which imitates the effect of natural counterparts. Their basic function is to promote protein through the entire body. Intake of this medicine ensures your growth of bone and muscle tissues along with increasing appetite. The natural hormones in the body are being altered by this process and as a result limbic hair growth increases, the voice of the user deepen, puberty occurs quickly and facial and public hair growth increases.

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Natural medicine in sports

The synthetic forms of natural hormones are sometimes used by athletes and sportsperson to enhance the performance in a very short and limited time. The consumption of these medicines helps to increase stamina and capabilities which are the vital part of any sports. Consuming these medicines are categorized into various forms like orally, injectable, creams, and drops. Among these orally is the most popular. Taking steroids without a prescription can lead you to ill effects of the medicine. This is natural because you definitely do not know the dosage that suits the best for you and also the bodily functions. That is why; if you want to make your dream come true and win the trophy you must consult with a qualified doctor. Liquid forms can be taken in both ways as of drops or in injections. Injections are used so that the hormonal curative hit the muscle tissues directly. On the other hand, creams are effective but a bit slow process as they are absorbed through the skin into the blood.

Availability in the market

These kinds of medicines are not available in the market very easily. This is mostly due to the misusage of the medicines that are often used illegally in sports. Medicines are meant to treat certain faults of the body. Taking steroid without a prescription is not only illegal but will also harm you severely. The use of the medicines without a proper physician is considered as a cheat in Olympics or any other international level sports. Before you get the product it is better that you learn your country’s law of using such products. They may not be available in the market but are widely purchased over the internet. The manufacturer will not see whether you qualify or not for the usage and will push you to make a purchase on the product. The basic norm is to check whether your body really require such medication, then the law and the ingredients of course of which it is made of.