An organic compound found in a variety of plants including fruits is known as Raspberry ketone. When utilizing them for efforts of weight loss, it is important to understand the way they work in the body and how they affect the weight loss. Also, its dosage, and contradictions are necessary to know before its use. A ketone is a substance produced by the body at the time, when it is lacking insulin.

Ketones stimulate the body to burn fat, help in regulation of metabolism, and serves as the main source of fuel and energy for the body. Ketone plays a prominent role in chemical and conversion processes of weight loss, which is believed to enhance or accelerate metabolism. This is done by oxidization of fatty acids. Also, it results in stimulation of adiponectin, which is hormone encouraging greater sensitivity for absorption of insulin into the muscles of the body.

Losing Weight

Benefits of Raspberry Ketone:

  • Speeding up of metabolism
  • Encouraging and preventing weight loss
  • Helps in reduction of body weight
  • Reduces the risk of fatty liver in humans and
  • Inhibits obesity

Ways for intake of Ketone:

An individual must follow the given instructions for intake of Raspberry ketone, which are as per the brand and manufacturer. The dosage also depends on the age, weight, health issues and weight of an individual. One must be cautious of taking any supplement that claims weight loss without any exercise or diet.

As per the opinion of dietician, an individual must take ketone along with balanced and nutritious diet as well as moderate exercise for getting optimal benefits.

Results by studies:

As per studies, it has been observed that a group of people took 200 mg of ketone along with Vitamin C for four weeks and lose body weight and fat. It has been suggested by the experts that these benefits are a result of combination of raspberry ketone and vitamin C.


Various brands suggest intake of one capsule of 100 mg twice a day preferably with meals. Some other brands offer ketone of triple strength i. e. 300 mg again twice in a day.

Before deciding about the dosage of ketone, the consumer must know what its function is and what is its way to work in the body of an individual? The individuals can buy this fat burner from several online vendors at an economical price. This is available in different forms including pills, capsules, tablets, powder, liquid, etc.

Generally the food and drug organization has approved the Raspberry Ketone as a supplement with zero percent side effects.

Results have shown that ketone stimulate the body to burn fat, have the potential to lower the glucose levels, etc. It has been noted that ketone is not only helpful in burning fat but also help in suppressing hunger and boosting the level of energy in the body of an individual. Also, it is recommended to refrain pregnant and breastfeeding women from these herbal supplements meant for weight loss.