It’s easy to dismiss Lady Gage’s recent ‘meaty’ photos as a stunt but what is the real story behind it? Upon further reading, you might change your mind about this pop star. BODY: Who doesn’t know Lady Gaga? Ever since her first single came out, she’s been hitting the charts and staying at the top even after weeks. I bet you’ve even heard at least one of her songs at the gym while exercising… but enough about her musical success. The New Lady Gaga for the past few days, the 26-year-old pop star has been under the spotlight for a different reason and, it’s not because of a new crazy outfit. Photos of Lady Gagarin a costume that emphasized her new bod at a concert in Amsterdam were published everywhere.

Lady Gage’s Weight Gain

Some people, however, expressed their thoughts saying that the photo was merely stretched through Photoshop or due to the camera’s long lens. But the fact is, Lady Gaga did gain 25lbs.Losing Weight the Unhealthy Way in response to all the blatant headlines published, almost calling her fat, she replied with a picture of herself in a bra and panties captioned, “Bulimia and Anorexia since I was 15.” This is a very personal answer yet somehow; it gets the message across. Losing weight through eating disorders is certainly the wrong way to do it and it can cause more harm than good.

Watch Your Weight The fight against bulimia and anorexia is a constant and daily battle. With the right psychological help, it could be cured. Her weight gain could actually be seen as a positive result of her personal battle against these two eating disorders. I personally think that Lady Gaga is showing real courage through her actions. Posting photos of herself in a non-size-0 form is not something a typical celebrity would do, right? There are many ways to lose your extra pounds and it doesn’t come without hard work and patience. More importantly, it doesn’t come from starvation.

With the right diet, proper exercise, support from your family and friends, and the drive to achieve a better version of yourself, you can succeed. And as Lady Gaga would say from her hit single Born This Way, “You’re on the right track baby. “Kurt Lao is the Editor of weight loss product reviews resource: He has written several product reviews to his credit and serves as a contributor to some of the top health and weight loss blogs online.