Anadrol is very similar to Dianabol and mainly used in for bodybuilding purpose. This is an oral anabolic steroid. Both these steroids are popular for one thing which is nothing but gaining muscle mass quickly. When it comes to binding to androgen receptors, both Anadrol and Dianabol are incapable to do this. When used in right cycle, Anadrol helps athletes and competitive bodybuilders and weight lifters to bulk up as quickly as possible. Through non AR mediated effects, Anadrol succeeds in providing anabolism.

Body Building With Steroids

Gains from Anadrol:

When there are no aromatizing steroids, these steroids can be soft in regard to side effects. The reason behind this is development of progestagenic symptoms. This is due to increase in prolactin and regulation of aromatase. But this has only indirect proofs. It is yet to be proved scientifically.

Anadrol is also effective in acting as a casual agent. This is the reason people who have already developed gynecomastia can use Anadrol for their gains if their estrogen levels are normal. These people in case fail to see the results from Anadrol can also go for either Winstrol or Cabergoline. For people who don’t have gynecomastia can go well with estrogens which are given by Anadrol. But, they should control their dose in order to see mass-building effects.

Bulking and Anadrol only cycle:

Many people may not succeed in obtaining good results for the first time. In that case they can rely on stacks with class I steroids. The recommended dose that can be taken in a day is 50 to 150 mg. But this should not be taken all at once. It is better to divide the dose into several parts which are taken in a day.

A part of either aromitizable steroid or testosterone is used when it is mixed with non aromatizing inject able. Other way is using a testosterone which is given by low amount of HCG usage. They usually suggest 100 mg of inject able testosterone which is enough for a week to function.

Cycle lengths and dosage:

Experts also suggest to take Oxmetholone before starting the cycle since anadrol is Alkalyted in nature. Almost all anabolic steroids are not recommended for women to use including Anadrol. It may result in adverse side effects. Common one is it can lower virilization if taken improperly by women. If in case needed women can use the dose of 25 mg a day. This dosage is enough to achieve desired results. Some have also suggested half of this dose.

Maximum gains:

Anadrol 50 is considered as one of the very effective and powerful oral steroid with excessive androgenic effects. This is because in a short span of time this will result in spectacular muscle mass and strength. Users can easily gain 15 pounds in few weeks by using this Anadrol 50.

Due to high water retention, there will be positive results when it comes to width of the muscles. Even in joints there will be water preservation. Therefore one can feel a greasy effect in their joints. Athletes can perform trouble free exercises because of the greasy effect as well as there will be huge increase in their strength.