Gym monkeys, Gym buffs, awesome and well-disciplined people right? I mean, just convincing yourself to go to a workout, deliberately working yourself too tired and almost passing out takes a lot of guts and discipline right? Add steroids to the mix and you get guys lined up just to see what the huge guy is doing. They think that if they do the same things, they would get those muscles too. And they probably would, but not in their natural workout routines. You see this is one of the perceptions that steroid use is altering in the bodybuilding community. Targeted advertisements only care about people to Buy steroids online, and steroids for sell are so prolific that you can almost get them from anywhere.

     Let us go back to that perception and what is wrong with it, at least for those who want to build their muscles naturally. You cannot even compare a roided physique to a natural one. Comparing a body that works out using steroids and to one that does so naturally would be crazy and impractical, why? There is no comparison. Studies show that on the average, muscular growth is three times as massive for steroid users than those who do it naturally. This is what I mean by steroids destroying workout routines because when you do steroids, you can do whatever you want inside the gym but you will still win over the natural guy. You know what just taking steroids and doing NOTHING at all you will still win over a guy doing a workout without steroids.

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     It does not stop there, advertisements do not help either.  They get some skinny guy, then posts a roided muscular hulk and say that they are before and after pictures. Nowadays practically every guy with photoshop can do that. And these are not helping at all with this misconception about training yourself to have that body of your dreams in that natural way. It is simply impossible to get bigger in that period of time naturally. So the bottom line is if you want to build your muscles really fast, you have to use steroids.

     However, if you really want to up your game and have a near perfect body, with proportions to match, you need to take steroids within its TI or Therapeutic Index. What this means is the “sweet spot” of dosage where you get maximum effect with the most minimal of side effects possible. There is just no sense having the perfect body then dying a year after from kidney and liver damage due to excessive steroid use. Remember the sweet spot and you will be good to go, combine it with a sensible workout and make sure you exercise all your muscle groups. Get behind on the science, and do not just barge into a gym and start lifting.